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Create Callcentric channel

Callcentric channel is the channel that the system will use Callcentric account to receive and make a call.

  1. Click on drop down list and choose “Callcentric channel”

  2. Fill in the require information as bellow:
    • Name: is the name channel
    • Call flow: is a call flow in the project you would like the caller to go through when he/she call to you Callcentric number.
    • Username: is the Username (SIP Username) of Callcentric. Callcentric will provide you after successfully registering.
    • Password: is the password of Phone password (SIP password).
    • Number: is the number of Callcentric (SIP username)
  3. Click button Save to finish
This screenshot show that callcentric channel will be created for call flow National Election Hotline.