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Configure X-Lite with Callcentric

To configure X-Lite with Callcentric, you cannot use the same SIP username of Callcentric that you have used in creating Callcentric Channel. You have to create new SIP username by add new extension or create new Callcentric account.

Run the application then you will see the application pop up. Next step you need to do is to configure for the softphone to connect to Callcentric.

To start make a configuration click on Softphone and then Account Settings.

Then you will see the configuration windows pop up then you have to input some information as below to configure with Callcentric:

  • User ID is the SIP username of Callcentric. Callcentric will provide you after successfully registering.
  • Domain is the Callcentric URL :
  • Password is the password of SIP password of SIP username of Callcentric
  • Display name is the name to display of configured account
  • Authorization name is the SIP username of Callcentric.
    This screenshot show that the SIP username is 17772667637.

After you complete all the information, click OK to save the configuration. If your configuration failed, you will see the message below.

If your configuration is correct, you will not get any error failed message.

Now you are ready to call to the Verboice system.
Go to STEP 5 to learn how to call to Verboice.