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How to Create Callcentric Account

  1. Load website callcentric:
  2. After finish loading, click on Signup at the top-right of callcentric website.

  3. Fill in the require information as bellow:
    1. First Name: fill in your fist name.
    2. Last Name: fill in your last name.
    3. Username: fill in the username for log in to Callcentric.
    4. Password: fill in the password for log in to Callcentric.
    5. Re-enter Password: fill in the password above again.
    6. Email: fill in your email. Callcentric will send you via this email to validate.
    7. Enter the symbols shown into the text box.
      This screenshot show that username for log in to Callcentric is anyonkh with password set. Callcentric will automatically send email to to validate.
  4. Click button Continue. Callcentric will show the message as the bellow screenshot telling the message is being sent to the email you have provided.

  5. Check inbox of the email you have provided and click on link provided to validate and activate the account.
  6. Callcentric website will be loaded and require you to fill in some more information before finish signing up.
    Below is the screenshot showing the example of filling information.
  7. Click button Agree, Sign me up. Callcentric will automatically log in by using username and password you have defined during register.
  8. Click on menu Extension

  9. Click on Modify to view and/or change password.
    Note: This password will use for configure when creating callcentric channel in Verboice.

    This screenshot show that the username that will be used for configure when create callcentric channel in Verboice is 17772236350.
  10. Click button Save after modifying.

After Callcentric account has been created, go to STEP 2 to learn hot to configure Cellcentric with Verboice Channel.