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Create a New Project

After you can log in to the system the first step that you have to do is to create project.
Follow the instruction below to create a new project:

  1. Click on menu Projects on the middle-top or click on button View your projects on the bottom-left.
  2. Click on Create Project

  3. Now you would see the form to create project and the red star (*) is required field. You will find some field below:
    1. Name: is the project name
    2. Time Zone: is the project time zone and normally the time zone of the project that will be implemented
    3. Default Language: is the language that the project will use in the system
    4. Text-to-speech Engine: is the engine or service that is used to convert written text into voice
    5. Supported language: add the language that will be supported on the project
    6. URL: It's for technical used only. Type the URL for connect Verboice to your application.
    7. User: Technical used only. Type the user name to connect to your application.
    8. Password: Technical used only. Type the password of the user to connect to your application.
  4. Click button Save

    This screenshot showing that the project that is going to create name “Pregnancy Information” with Phnom Penh timezone and use English language as default. The support language for this project is English American.

After you save the project you will be redirected to project call flow.