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Create a New Project Call Flows

Call flow is a collection of steps of your project’s workflow that interacts with caller when he/she calls to the system.

  1. Click on Projects menu.
  2. Click on setting icon of the project that you want to edit.
    This screenshot showing that we will go to setting of project “Pregnancy Information” project.
  3. Click on “Call Flows” tab.
    This screenshot show that we'll go to call flow of project “Pregnancy Information”.
  4. You will see the list of Call Flow that you created. For the first time you will see no call flow and only Add call flow. Click “Add call flow” button to add a new call flow.
  5. Call flow form will appear and fill in the information as bellow:
    1. Name: is the call flow name (* is required field)
    2. In the combo box you will see two options.
      1. Design your app in Verboice: You will design your call flow inside the verboice application
      2. Use an external application: Your call flow will be design from external and would like to integrate with Verboice. When choosing this option you must provide URL for call flow XML and User, Password for authentication.
  6. Click “Save” button to save call flow.

    This screenshot show that we're going to create call flow name “Pregnancy Take care” and user Verboice to build this call flow.