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How to use "Branches" control

Branches Control is used to set up branches in the call flow and divert the caller to a certain branch based on conditions.

  1. When the Branches control is added to your call flow, choose the control and click add button to add to your branches from the drop down list at the right panel.
    This screenshot show that we have added two play control for branches control.
  2. Click on control name you have added for your Branches control to set the condition.
    This screenshot show that we're going to add condition for play control in Branches control.
  3. Click on add button and setup the condition as you want. Note that the condition is base on the input from the caller.
    This screenshot show that the first Play control will play unless the
  4. Click Save button to save the condition.

After the condition has been created for each control in Branches control, click on the control in Branches control and setting up as normal.

Do the same step for other control condition in Branches control.