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How to use "Date" control

This is Date control. It's used to store the user date input into the system. Verboice will calculate the input value to the pass date based on Unit you have selected. For example if the unit setting is day and when the user input is 15, it mean that 15 days ago.
Below is the setting for Date control.

  • Instructions: is where you can explain the purpose to the user to input the date. Click on setting button ( ) next to the Instruction label and set the Instruction.
  • Unit: There are 4 different unit that you can choose to setup for Date control.
    • Day: Verboice will record as number of day.
    • Week: Verboice will record as number of week.
    • Month: Verboice will record as number of month.
    • Year: Verboice will record as number of year.
  • Input length: is the number of digit that allow caller to input. Input the number of digit on From text box and To text box.
  • Finish on key: is the key to tell the system that the date input is finished (press by the caller). For example, you can instruct the caller to press # to stop the date input.
  • Store this result as:is the variable for storing the voice record. Check and type the variable name in the text box.

Click button Save to save the Date control setting for your call flow.

This screenshot show that the system will receive input from the caller as number of week passed up to 2 digits and it'll store in variable number_of_week. To finish the input, caller have to type # sign.