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How to use "Input" control

Input control allows system to collect data from caller phone keypad input while on the call.

  • Instruction is a brief instruction of the required data that caller going to input.
  • Invalid is where you tell the caller why the data they input is invalid.
  • Attempts section is to sets how many times the system will try interact with the caller in case s/he didn't select any choice by pressing phone keypad or pressing an invalid one. After final attempt fails will allow you to create the next step if the caller failed to select any given choices.
  • Validation section is where you validate caller input data. This is the place where you define the rule to validate the data that the caller input. Input length from is the number of digit that you accept from the caller input. Valid values is a set of value that you expected from caller; It can be comma-separated values, or semicolon-separated values.
  • Finish on key to select the keypad button that tells the system to finish the step
  • Store result as will store the caller input in a variable you have given in the text box.

Click Save to finish.