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How to use "Menu" control

Menu Control is used to provide menu options allowing the caller to choose.

When you click on Menu control you will see the Menu step is added into the Call flow panel and on the right side is the Menu control setting as shown below:

There are 4 different sections in setting of control Menu at the right side panel.

1- Messages

This section is about the guide to caller to understand what options they allow to choose when they call the system.

  • Explanation is a brief explanation of the control to caller. It's optional.
  • Options is the voice message about the choice the caller need to select, and this Options message will play again if the caller didn’t respond for a given time frame. It's require for Menu control.
  • Invalid is the voice message that is played when users choose the option that doesn't exist. It's optional.
    This screenshot showing that the system will guide the caller to press 1 for mother take care or press 2 for baby take care.

2- Attempts

This section sets how many times the system will try interact with the caller in case s/he didn't select any choice by pressing phone keypad or pressing an invalid one. After final attempt fails will allow you to create the next step if the caller failed to select any given choices.

This screenshot showing that the system will repeat 3 times to the caller to take action every 5 second. The system will skip this step if there is no action from caller after 3 times repeat.

3- Options

This section is where you add option that would respond to phone key press. Note that you have to configure of the action you have chosen.

This screenshot show that if caller press 1 and 2 will play1) and press 3 will hang up.

4- Store result as

The system will store the caller input into contact database with the name you have given in the text box.

Below is the screenshot of Menu control showing that when caller press 1 will play first play, when user press 2 will play the second play and if user press 3 the system will terminate and store call response to “intro_menu” variable.

1) see how to setup Play control here