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How to use "Record" control

Record control is used to record voice message from the caller. You will see some option that you can add to this control.

  • Explanation is where you can explain the purpose of voice recording. Click on setting button ( ) next to the Explanation label and set the explanation for record control.
  • Confirmation is the message for the caller after they finish recording. Click on setting button ( ) next to the Confirmation label and set the confirmation message.
  • Time is the maximum recording time in second. Type the number of second in text box to set the maximum time for voice record.
  • Stop recording audio with key is the key to tell the system that the recording is finished (press by the caller). For example, you can instruct the caller to press # to stop the recording.
  • Store this result as is the variable for storing the voice record. Check and type the variable name in the text box.

Click button Save to save the Record control setting for your call flow.

This screenshot show that the caller have 10 seconds to record their voice and this voice will store in variable voice_message. To stop voice record, the caller just press keybad #.