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Create Reminder Group

In Verbice, the user can do reminder to enable system to call back to the caller at a specific time and condition you want. But before create reminder user have to create reminder group first. Below is the instruction show how to create reminder group in Verboice.

  1. Go to project list by click on menu “Projects” on the top.
  2. Click on setting button ( ) next to the project that you want to create reminder group.
  3. Click on “Reminder Group” tab.

  4. The list of reminder group will be appeared. Click on button “New reminder group” to create new reminder group.

  5. Fill in the reminder group in text box Name and the phone number of the people that you're going to remind in text box Contact.
  6. Click button ( ) to add people phone number to reminder group.
    This screenshot show that the phone number 017989822 will be added to reminder group Pregnancy.

    Fill in phone number and click add button for adding more phone number to your reminder group.

  7. Click button “Save” to create reminder group.