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Create Reminder Schedule

Reminder Schedule is used to set schedule call to people in the reminder group.

  1. Go to project list by click on menu “Projects” on the top.
  2. Click on setting button ( ) next to the project that you want to create reminder schedule.
  3. Click on “Reminder Schedule” tab.

  4. The list of reminder schedule will be appeared. Click on button “New reminder schedule” to create new reminder schedule.

  5. Fill in the information as below:
    • Reminder group: click on drop down box and choose the reminder group you have create that you want to remind to.
    • Channel: click on drop down box and choose the channel that you want to use for reminder schedule.
    • Call flow: click on drop down box and choose the call flow. The system will play call flow you selected when remind to people.
    • Start on: click on the box and set the date for starting remind to people.
    • Call time: for set the time for the system to call people. Fill in the starting time in box From and ending time in To.
    • Repeat: choose OFF if you don't want to repeat your schedule. To repeat the reminder schedule, choose ON and configure as below:
      • Click on day to repeat your reminder schedule. The day will be checked and turn to green color.
      • Type the recurrance Every number of week pattern to tell to the system to repeat.
    • Conditions: click on button ( ) to add the condition for your reminder. The system will remind to the people if the condition is matched.
  6. Click button Save
This screenshot showing that, the reminder schedule will be created to remind to all people in group Lay9 Grop every 1 week on Friday. This reminder schedule active from 3 July 2013 on by using smart channel.