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View Project Call Log

After your project could receive calls from the users. System will store all calls in Calls log and you can view all call logs by click on Calls tab.

  1. Go to project list by click on menu “Projects” on the top.
  2. Click on setting button ( ) next to the project that you want to view its call log.
  3. Click on “Calls” tab.

    Verboice will show all the call activities that the caller have called to this project as the below screenshot:

    Click on “view details” at the right of any call log to view in detail.
    This screenshot show that we want to view detail of callerID:078767364.

In Verboice application, the user can download as achievement of the call log as CSV. Because of in one project we can create more than one call flow, click on drop down list and choose call flow that you want to download its call log.

Click on button “Download as CSV” to download it.

This screenshot show that we want to download call log from all call flow.